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Bert Second Generation Late Model Ball Spline Transmission

  • $ 3,249.99

Bert Transmission Second Generation Late Model Ball Spline Transmission 1500 - This revolutionary design is the lowest rotating weight gear box available. The mechanism of the first and reverse are totally disengaged from rotation when it’s in direct drive (high gear), so there are no wear on those parts. Reducing rotating weight creates more power to rear wheels that is greatly felt by drivers. Crate motor and limited engines series are the ones who get the most benefit from this transmission, either on dirt or pavement. The second generation transmission delivered multiple wins in 2010 which proves it is one of the top transmissions on the market today. Champions like Billy Moyer, Tim Fuller, Chris Madden, Casey Robert, Hunter Peacock, Steve Francis, David Smith, Ray Cook, Jonathan Davenport use this transmission and have had remarkable success and wins all season long. Don’t deprive your race team, use the second generation Bert Transmission!

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