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Joes Bearing Style Upper A-Arms

  • $ 159.99

A Sealed Ball Bearing A-Arm that glides silky smooth on the slotted steel shaft reducing friction to almost zero. Four sealed roller bearings distribute the load for an A-Arm that rotates freely under load. a machined housing retains 2 bearings on each side eliminating weld distortions that can create binding. Bearing spacers hold the bearings rigidly in place and the JOES design utilizes tight shaft tolerances eliminating unwanted suspension movements. JOES Sealed Roller Bearing A-Arms are modular and can be unbolted so you can install them on frames that require the a-arm mount to be on the backside. A-Arms are TIG welded in lengths of 7" to 12" in 1/4" increments with 10 Degree Screw-in Ball Joint sleeves.

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