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NecksGen Rev

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NecksGen REV Head and Neck Restraint System

While the ultimate fate of the original NecksGen device remains uncertain, one thing is not... NecksGens commitment to keeping racers safe by providing the most technologically advanced, Frontal Head Restraints (FHR) on the market! Proof of this statement is the new REV Frontal Head Restraint. This radical departure from conventional designs, exemplifies simplicity and un-needed mass to provide the user with the utmost comfortable and light-weight device, without compromising safety. The device has been tested by SFI laboratories and is certified to be manufacturers compliant to the SFI 38.1 specification, making it approved for use by most sanctioning bodies.

Why do you need a NecksGen REV Head and Neck Restraint System?

Comfort – The REV takes comfort to a new level… there is no frontal yoke, with no pressure on your body or collar bone. Our low profile design gives full range of head motion with no front or rear interference with your helmet.

Side Impact Protection – Due to the placement and angle of the lower tether mount, the NecksGen REV unit offers unsurpassed angular impact protection.

Safety – The REV performs exceptionally well in the SFI 38.1 sled tests. 

Clearance – The REV has a low profile design which creates minimal interference with the seat and helmet in the driving position.

Single Tether – The single self-aligning helmet tether creates full range of head motion while driving and offers maximum side impact protection.

Seat Belts – The NecksGen REV Large and Medium units accomodate up to 3″ seat belts. Small unit accomodates 2″ seat belts only.

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